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Through our voice of blogging, social events, and testimonials, the Miss II Mrs. Social brand empowers and uplifts the everyday woman.


Miss II Mrs. Social began during the 2013 Miss Black Illinois USA reign of  Creator Mrs. Cortnee R. Gutierrez.  God placed this ministry in her heart as a way to support women during the transitory periods of their lives.  For example, life experiences regarding single to courting, courting to engagement, engagement to married, and married to motherhood to name a few.  It is her hope that her words and the words of other women will serve as a beacon of light.

Who Is Mrs. Cortnee R. Gutierrez:

She is the wife of Mr. Jose Gutierrez and a follower of Christ.  Cortnee received her Bachelor Degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago and her Masters in Public Administration from Roosevelt University in Chicago.  She is also the eldest of 6 siblings and the daugthter to Michael and Corliss Smith, married for 30 years.  Cortnee does not take life for granted.  She is a firm believer of utilizing all the gifts God has given her.  She is in the final stages of writing a book and cannot wait to share this great new adventure with you.

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Mr. & Mrs. Jose & Cortnee Gutierrez

husband and wife shot TCP

Wedding Day: July 4th 2014

Beauty Shot TCP

2013 Miss Black Illinois USA