Hello Viewers!

Hi viewers!

I’m so excited to be on the web and to share some hot topics and view about the the Miss and Mrs. woman!  I’m not a professional writer nor do I have all of the experiences of the Miss or Mrs woman, but I have a story and a perspective which I’m sure other women can relate to.  So wish me happy blogging by reading my first official blog post!

Happy blogging!

4 thoughts on “Hello Viewers!

  1. I truly enjoyed this. My first miscarriage was 35 years ago. I had the same feelings. Newly married and I was in a city that was foreign to me without my mom and sisters, etc. My husband was at a loss also. People didn’t talk about miscarriages – they went on as if nothing had happened. I knew there was a life that i had just lost. Now we had to deal with the emotions, questions and everything that came with it. God is good. Thank you for sharing and HAPPY BLOGGING!


  2. I love you Cortnee. Kinda upset reading this and knowing this all for the first time instead of you telling me being your brother and all lol, but I’m glad I know now. You’re one of the strongest women I know and I am proud to be your younger brother. Love you Coco.

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